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Who We Are

DFD Academy is a dance school that offers training in Bollywood fusion dance. We blend Eastern and Western genres to create something stylistically unique and universally relevant for youth classes, adult classes, weddings, events, and workshops. Our mission is to elevate the level at which our students learn and perform while enhancing their personal enrichment through a style that brings together their South Asian and American backgrounds. At DFD, we like to say, "Don't Just Move. Speak." because for us, dance is not just about moving your body; it’s about moving the crowd.


Our Mission

DFD was founded on the notion that young students can reach a higher potential if they’re taught advanced choreography at an early stage. Our precision-based training is used to not only build strong dancers but also as a means to build confidence, embrace the multicultural identity, and encourage teamwork.

Building Confidence

Our philosophy is to teach students the most difficult choreography we think they can handle and then simplify from there. This way, we can truly see what their potential is, and so can they. There's no better way to give students confidence and a new perspective than by helping them achieve something outside their comfort zone.

Embracing Multicultural Identity

We aim to teach students to embrace ALL cultures and dance styles, whether it be Bollywood or Hip Hop, Contemporary or Folk, Indian or western. As we like to say, dance is about expressing yourself, and emotion is too complex to convey in one form. Fusion is all about blending different styles to create something undefined, and that’s exactly what our choreography is about - showcasing the diversity AND cohesion of different art forms.

Encouraging Teamwork

At DFD, students are not only learning how to dance; they’re learning how to perform, and part of that comes from understanding how to dance with one another. Here you’re not a solo artist. To create the best performances and to get the most out of your training, you have to learn how to dance as a team. That's where our precision-based instruction comes in. 


Our Vision

At DFD, we promote high-achieving students by providing them with opportunities to showcase their work with professional artists, company members, and unique performance opportunities. Our instructors are extremely focused on encouraging every students’ potential and ensuring their growth as a dancer through our formalized teaching approach, providing educational value competitive to western performing arts schools. Our vision as an academy is to become the primary source of education, creativity, and development in South Asian Dance forms for the next generation of artists.

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