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Corporate Workshops

There's no better way to bond as a team than to master something out of your comfort zone together.  As an academy, our mission is to use dance as means to build confidence, diversity of thought, and teamwork, not only with our own student body but with those within our communities and beyond. Dance is an incredible way to try something out of your comfort zone with a group of people who are also pushing themselves to master the same moves, keep the same beat, and dance to the same rhythm. 

We tailor our workshops to the purpose of our events with styles ranging from Bollywood Fusion or Indian Folk to a fusion of Hip Hop, Contemporary, and Jazz.


Diversity Events 

Virtual Team Meetings

Networking Events / Mixers

Happy Hour Events

Workshops are offered virtually through Zoom, in-person, or hybrid as per your request.

Performance Bookings

Our dance company was established to push the boundaries of performing arts. We don’t just move. We speak. So whether you’re trying to convey the joy behind a moment of celebration or looking to move people with a culturally-rich performance, we’re here to create an impact. We know when you want entertainment, you want it tailored to your event. That’s why we’re very particular about getting to know our audience before we give them a show. 

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