It's More than Just Dance.

DFD was founded on the notion that students can reach a higher potential if they’re taught advanced choreography at an early stage. Our precision-based training is used to build not only strong dancers, but also a means to 


Build Confidence 

Embrace Multicultural Identities

Encourage Teamwork

Our choreography is created to push students out of their comfort zones and help them realize their greatest potential. By blending different dance styles we teach students to understand the diversity and cohesion of different art forms and cultures. Through our precision-based training students learn to not only control their bodies in order to learn more complex movements but to also coordinate with their peers in a team-based environment.


Our Curriculum

Classes are held in-person or virtually on a weekly basis throughout the year. Students learn various forms of dance blended together including Bollywood, Hip Hop, Folk, Contemporary and Classical. Our classes are open to students ages 7 and above where students are placed into levels based on several factors such as age, aptitude, and the criteria listed below. Placements are based on the Director's discretion who will discuss options upon enrollment.  

DFD Academy Curriculum.png


Spots are available now for our virtual and in-person classes! You can request enrollment now or learn more about our policies, fees, and FAQs below. There is no charge for trying out one class - simply use the request enrollment form below. Upon requesting enrollment, we'll reach out to you with more information on classes and availability. If spots fill up, we'll still reach out with more information on our waitlist and keep you posted on new classes we start up.