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DFD's Virtual Dance Camp is back!

Our Virtual Dance Camp is a 5 day master workshop series with multiple styles taught directly by our Founder & Choreographer, Devika Dhawan. Our camp welcomes all ages over 7 and is offered for both DFD students and students new to DFD. It's an opportunity for them to learn directly from Devika on how to think about their moves, pick up steps faster in future classes, and better present with confidence. 

Dates: Monday July 11th - Friday July 15th

Timing: 1.5 hour class between 12 and 4pm EST

Styles: Bollywood, Hip Hop, Contemporary

Level: Open to all levels (ages 7 and up)

Cost: $80/person for current DFD students.

$110/person for non-DFD students.

*your time slot will be given to you based on the number of students signed up and the variety of experience levels.


"My experience with this camp was wonderful. This camp is an amazing opportunity to learn first hand with Devika and it’s great because she has such a unique perspective with expressions you can use during various dances. There are also many different styles she teaches which is always fun to experience. This camp is a nice challenge for dancers for it goes faster than regular dance classes and the dances I learned where just so fun in general. I definitely recommend joining!"

Hradini Shinde, 13

"I joined DFD's Virtual Dance Camp a couple of years ago with a lot of hesitance. I was totally new to the Bollywood style of dancing and was worried that I will not be able to do it well. But the camp was so much fun, and I really enjoyed attending it. I loved learning different styles of dance including Hip Hop and Contemporary. After the summer camp, I joined regular DFD dance lessons because I really liked it and wanted to learn more. I highly recommend the online summer camp to everyone who is interested or just wants to give a try at the Bollywood style of dancing! It's so much fun!"

Rebecca John, 13

"I took DFD winter virtual camp with Devika in December 2020. I learned about 3 dances in the weeklong camp and each song was super fun. Devika is very supportive and gives feedback on how we can improve our dance moves. She breaks down the dance steps into easy to follow instructions. She also stresses on how important it is to have the right facial expressions while you dance. Devika sent videos for us to practice on what was learned each day. I enjoyed the camp so much that I joined DFD’s regular classes. All the teachers in DFD are awesome. If you like to dance to upbeat Indian music, DFD is the place to go!"

Sneha Punnoose, 10

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