DFD virtual dance camp

Thanks to the success of our summer virtual dance camp, we're back with a new camp this winter!


Our virtual dance camp is a 5-day intensive, immersing students into dance technique, expression, and presentation of movement through 3 different dance styles. The course will help students understand how to better grasp technique in future dance classes or workshops through the explanation of theory and learning stylistic choreography.


Open to both DFD and non-DFD students all ages above 7, this course can be taken from anywhere through Zoom and will be taught by our Director and Choreographer, Devika Dhawan, and our Bhangra Instructor, Devam Dhawan. Interested students will be placed in our Beginner/Intermediate or Advanced group based on age and experience level. Check out both of the schedules below. Registration is now open!

Winter Virtual Camp Dates:

Saturday, December 26th, 2020 - Wednesday, December 30th, 2020


Beg/Int - 12-1:30pm EST daily

Advanced - 2:30-4pm EST daily


Non-DFD Students:

$120 / student

(family discount - $100 per student for multiple family members)


DFD Students:

$95 / student

(family discount - $80 per student for multiple family members)


A few of our pieces are featured below. You can also check out more videos on our YouTube Channel for a sample of our choreography.

CAMp schedule


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