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  • Classes & Enrollment:
    What is the age requirement to enroll a student? For youth classes, we take students ages 7 to 18 years old. Adult classes are offered for all ages and experience levels. Where are your locations? Our classes are offered virtually or in North Andover or Westford, MA. Our in-person classes adhere to the Massachusetts public school guidelines for Covid-19. How often do you run classes? 1 hour per week, throughout the whole year, including summer. What dance styles do you teach? We mix genres to teach students technique from a variety of styles including Bollywood, Hip Hop, Folk, Contemporary, and Classical. Younger students will start with more Bollywood routines, and as students progress the rest of the styles will be introduced. What is the class size? Our average class size is 10-12 students. We limit all classes to be no more than 14 in a class. Do students get to perform? Yes. While performances are not required, we aim to provide at least 2 performance opportunities each year for every student (one in the winter/spring and one in the summer/fall). *Note: Due to Covid-19, performance opportunities may be limited, but we do our best to provide a virtual or outdoor performance opportunity to keep our students continually motivated. Do students get to compete? Not everyone will compete within a given year. Students and/or classes are selected for competitions at the discretion of the instructors based on mastery of the curriculum. Who will be teaching the classes? You can meet our staff here. Our instructors are all trained under the direct guidance of our Founder and Director, Devika, who also oversees the classes. Do you run classes for adults? Yes! We host weekly classes for adults which are held online. You can learn more about them here. ​ Do you teach students with special needs? Yes. We believe everyone should be able to dance and create an inclusive environment for all our students. We just ask parents to note, that we are not specifically trained to work with special needs, so we will need their guidance and patience when it comes to ensuring the students growth. Do you do private lessons? We do not hold private lessons. Our classes are all group classes only. How do I request enrollment? You can fill out an enrollment request form here. We will then reach out to you with availability or options for classes. When can I request enrollment? Anytime! We do not have separate sessions so you can request enrollment at anytime. Is there a trial class? Yes. If after their first class a student does not wish to continue classes, there is no charge.
  • Class Policies:
    Can parents watch the class? Class is drop off/pick up only. You’ll be able to see everything we’ve worked on through the videos we send after each class. Is there a make-up class if we miss a class? We do not have make-up classes; however, videos are provided each week so the student will know what they missed. We expect students to review these videos to catch up with their classmates and their teacher and peers will be able to help them with the details the following week. ​ What if you cancel a class? We as an academy believe in keeping a consistent schedule so we do not cancel any classes beyond holidays for which a schedule is provided in advance. If there are poor weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances, we will host the class online through Zoom.
  • Cost:
    What is the cost of classes? Our tuition is $100/per month for in-person classes and $80/month for online. Tuition covers all classes and administrative fees for the month. There is no charge to try just one class and we do not charge any enrollment fees. Missed classes are forfeited as we do not charge by class, but students are provided with videos and work with their classmates and teachers to catch up on the material. Is there a family discount? Yes. For two students it is $5 off per student per month. For three students it is $10 off per student per month. Are there additional charges besides tuition fees? Students will be required to pay a costume rental fee for each performance. For recitals, shows, or competitions, performers will be responsible for their registration fees or tickets. How do I pay the tuition? We will send you an invoice via email after your first class and at the first of every month thereafter. You can pay through that email via credit card or a bank account. We do not accept cash or check. What if my family is traveling for a month? Will I still be charged? You can ask for a leave of absence which will allow us to cancel your invoice for the month requested; however, please note, you must email us about the absence before your leave. We will not be able to cancel an invoice that has already gone out for the month.
  • Student Progress:
    Do you split students up by age for the youth classes? For the most part, our levels are split up by age; however, we look at technique, aptitude, and commitment to growth, as factors for moving students up to higher levels, in which case they may be with students older than them. How long does a student need to be at a level before they can move up? There is no set time. Everyone’s growth trajectory is different and mastery of an art form takes time and practice. If students advance in their technique a lot faster than their peers, then we will select them to move up as our goal is to make sure students are continuously challenged. However, many times students will simply grow with their class as they do in grade school. Meaning that our curriculum will become more advanced, but within the same class so students would not leave their group. Do you keep us informed on our child’s progress? Yes. We do bi-annual feedback sessions with students directly and email parents their progress reports to keep them in the loop. How do I get in touch with a teacher if I want to know more about my child’s progress? You can send us an email at any time to discuss student progress. What is the DFD Travel Team and how can my child join? There is no enrollment request for the Travel Team. This is a competitive team in which senior-level students are selected by instructors to compete nationally.
  • Anti-bullying Policy
    As an institution that encourages learning beyond dance, we want to make sure we are creating an environment that will allow kids to grow both artistically and personally, and for that, we need a safe, responsive, and caring environment. With that said, it's not only the instructors that have to create that positive environment for the students, but also their peers. DFD Academy prohibits any form of bullying and is committed to preventing and taking action against it. For more information on how, please see the full DFD Anti-Bullying Policy provided below.
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