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Wedding Dance Tutorial Library

why we're here

We understand that dance prep requires a certain level of coordination but always happens last minute. So you really need something quickly and someone who can break down choreography in a digestible manner. We got you. Whether you want something simple for beginners that can easily be learned, or something intricate for experienced dancers who just don't have time to choreograph, we have routines for everyone. Many of our tutorials also include suggestions on formation changes and ideas to make the choreography more dynamic, so all you have to do is learn separately and then come together last minute for a final rehearsal (you know, like we always do.)

our promise

The biggest thing we pride ourselves on is that no matter what level or style the choreography is, it will always be thoughtfully crafted, dynamic, and easy to learn. Just because a dance is easy to execute, doesn't mean it should be boring, and just because something is dynamic and exciting doesn't mean it has to be difficult to learn. Our tutorials are taught by our Founder/Director, Devika, who is not only a choreographer, but a teacher first. So rest assured that you'll have all the guidance you need. You just need to watch and practice. That's it.

get started

Below you'll find a variety of wedding dance routines for purchase. Every video includes a run-through of the routine along with a comprehensive breakdown of the moves. All of our videos are mirrored, so dancers can copy the rights and lefts directly. Use the top right of the player to visit the channel and filter all categories based on the group or dance level you're looking for. Beginner choreo is for those who are new to Bollywood. Intermediate is for those who are familiar with Bollywood or have danced at weddings before. Advanced is for those who dance regularly or have some past training. 

Our site is a getting a little tune up and some love.

We are working on updating our payment platform.

In the meantime, if you would like to purchase a tutorial, please email us at with the name of the tutorial you'd like, and we'll send over the payment details and videos via email.

Thank you and happy dancing!

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