8 Epic Songs for a Breathtaking Bridal Entrance

Bridal entrances are not typically seen as “choreographed” dances, but choreography doesn’t need to be about body movement. Choreography is about timing and matching visuals to music. When the door opening for a bride’s entrance hits at the exact moment the music hits a crescendo, THAT in itself creates a breathtaking impact. And that’s exactly what this list is about.

There’s a variety of songs people use for a bride’s entrance. Some are a romantic, some are poetic, and some are emotional. But there’s a subset of songs that not only pull at the heartstrings, but also give you goosebumps. This is a list of those songs that will leave people not just wiping their tears, but holding their breath.

Laal Ishq

Just from hearing the song you can visualize how dramatic this entrance would be. It has a slow tempo (good for walking down the aisle,) but the drum beats in the main verse have a striking effect. Plus, you can never go wrong with Arijit Singh’s voice. (Choreography tip: at each build-up/drum beat, you can add another person into the line-up down the aisle)

Moh Moh Ke Dhaage

If you want something that has a flavor of the shehnai, this song is perfect (see 1:48). It also has great lyrics, soft music, but a big impact because of the perfectly timed pauses in the main verse.

Sapna Jahan

This song is SO soft. It’s almost sung in a whisper, and then builds up which gives it the awe-inspiring feel. It has a very subtle way of being dramatic so if you don’t want to be too extra, this is a great choice.

O Re Piya

The great thing about this song is that it’s dynamic. It starts really slow, builds up to get faster, and falls into a medium tempo with a great instrumental and a rustic feel.

Janam Janam

Another Arijit Singh song, but like I said, you can’t go wrong with his voice. It’s the violins in the beginning and the ultimate build up at 1:07 that gives it such a dramatic bollywood flare. (Choreography tip: If you’re a fan of having background dancers for your entrance, this is a good song to use them in. Consider having them enter at 1:07. It’ll help highlight the dramatic change in music, amplifying the climax of the song)

Kabhi Joh Baadal Barse

This is basically my ultimate favorite song. It’s more on the mellow side compared to the previous Arijit Singh songs listed here but has a great vibe. Use the first verse though, because the lyrics are more fitting in the first half of the song.

Nahin Saamne

We absolutely cannot forget about the epic throwbacks. Especially ones like this composed by A.R. Rahman. Based on the lyrics, which talk about being close even when you’re far apart, it’s a good choice for couples who might have a long-distance story. (Choreography tip: this is one of those songs where I can imagine right at the beat drop at 0:43 the door would open for the bride to be revealed.)

Jalte Diye

Finishing up with the song that inspired me to make this list. The drum beats in the main verse just scream grand entrance. It has a “the-queen-has-arrived” kind of feel to it. So if you want something sudden and striking, this is a great choice.

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