3 Reasons Why You Need a Wedding Choreographer

Yup. Just three. Cause trust me, that's all you’ll need.

1. You Love Your Family But You Can't Teach Them Anything

Let's be real. When you're trying to get the whole fam to listen to you, there's always going to be that one aunty (ok fine, more like three or four aunties) that will all yell on top of each other to make sure you know that that's really not the step you decided on. Then of course, they'll all proceed to tell you exactly what you should do. So who are you going to listen to? Well, if you have a choreographer, you can leave them to do the dirty work, avoid the family drama, and still call the shots.

2. What You Perform Will Be Immortal (No Pressure)

No, seriously. All your dances are going to be shared across various social media channels and numerous WhatsApp threads with your relatives. So it's not really a one time show; people are going to see it over and over again. Plus, it's kinda like an inaugural presentation to the bride or groom's side of the family. Might as well make it memorable.

3. It's Like Taking a Workshop with Your Whole Family

Weddings are a time of stress, so why not use rehearsals as a fun class you take with the whole family instead of an activity you have to check off the to-do list? Plus, you know chachi ji needs the work out. (Jk, I love my chachi ji, hope she's not reading this.) It's more fun to bond with the family when you're on the same playing field and you don't know what the choreographer is going to throw at you next. Struggle together, bond more.

So. Think you could use a little help with your next dance? Hit us up. Whether it’s a first dance, bridesmaids dance, or a piece for the whole family, we'll make your wedding performance, exactly the way YOU want it.

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